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Intellectual Property

In a knowledge economy, Georgia State College of Law recognizes that intellectual property plays a critically important role in the future of our society. From patents to trademarks to copyrights to trade secrets, all of these legal forms of intellectual property continue to grow in significance to artists, inventors, innovators, writers, and others who take ideas from the mind and turn them into realities that help change our world. For these reasons, the College of Law offer one of the best and most unique intellectual property law experiences of any law school in America.

The College of Law offers a robust curriculum with premier professors to teach our students about the various facets of intellectual property law. In addition, the law school offers many other scholastic opportunities to broaden the student's experience, such as intellectual property moot court competitions, writing competitions, guest speakers, learning experiences, and networking opportunities with other GSU students and students from other schools. Further, the law school provides unique intellectual property law graduate mentors, mock interviewing, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office externships, an IP Career Management Handbook, and one of its real crown jewels, the Southeastern IP Job Fair. The College of Law also gives its current and former students a special opportunity to be leaders and help others in the Atlanta intellectual property community. Examples of community opportunities include the Intellectual Property Advisory Board, the Corporate IP Institute®, the Corporate Intellectual Property Roundtable®, the SpringPosium®, the Intellectual Property Legends® Awards, the Charitable IP Golf Tournament, the IP Community Service Awards, and IP Hot Topics Luncheons. Finally, we are proud of our generous scholarship program, which annually bestows full-time tuition for three years to one incoming student plus two additional $1,000 scholarships to incoming students and two $1,000 scholarships to upper-level students.

In sum, the Georgia State College of Law is very proud to have one of the best intellectual property law programs in the country. This unique and comprehensive program creates a strong foundation for its students interested in pursuing intellectual property law as a full-time profession or for use in whatever profession they choose. In addition, it provides an opportunity for its intellectual property law graduates to remain involved with the school and help cultivate the next generation of successful students as they pursue their careers and enjoy the fruits from their special GSU IP experience.

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